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President of The Academy

The State's orientation towards higher military education makes it imperative for us to be fully aware of the various aspects of military education and training.

Joan Bin Jassim Academy for Defence Studies was established in this spirit to serve the nation as a beacon of military education in various fields of defense, strategy, administration and socio - awareness in addition to academic specializations.

The dissemination of these knowledge is not limited to a specific category, rather Joaan Bin Jassim Academy believes that they should be made available to everyone who seeks to acquire them, both at the military and civilian levels.

The Joaan Bin Jassim Academy for Defence Studies therefore attaches great importance to the diversity and comprehensiveness of the programmes while designing its annual academic calendar by covering military, strategic, administrative and security areas, catering to who wish to acquire information and skills competent to be the constructive element for individuals and communities.